Jack M. Fujisaki

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Jack M.

Tribute by Harvey H. Yamagata

Growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, like so many children, I had no understanding and appreciation of the people around me. One of these was Jack Fujisaki. Perhaps the memories of WWII were still too painful, or like so many in the silent generation, he wore his badge of courage deep inside. Our family was one of a group of four families that settled in New York City with roots in California, and we shared our holiday dinners. Jack and his wife, Sada, hosted Thanksgiving dinner and we saw them again at the Ishizuka’s for Christmas, the Kanagaki’s for New Years, and we hosted at other times during the year. I may have been in my male, pre-adolescent socially oblivious slumber, but not once during these gatherings did any of them speak of internment camps or of Jack’s experiences in the 442nd.

What I remember of Jack was that he was always good natured and treated all the kids as if we were his nephews and nieces (I think the others actually were, but my brother and I were not). An almost forgotten incident—I was about seven and playing in the surf at Jones Beach when a large wave enveloped me and with all the water swirling above, I thought I was drowning. Suddenly someone plucked me out of the water and Jack was my hero… standing in about three feet of water (hey, kids have drowned in shallower water). I also remember that Jack and Sada did not have children of their own, which is why I am making this tribute to Jack and Sada Fujisaki. I hope the rest of the kids in our little group, Ken, Ron, June, Kay, Jean, and Mark, will pick up the banner and add what they can to this memorial.