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Nancy Shizue Fukuhara Nitta

Nancy Shizue
Fukuhara Nitta

Tribute by Wayne Nitta

My Mom loved the beauty of nature, community, music, and fellowship. Growing up with Mom there was always lively discussions, music, and FLOWERS (Oh the flowers, gardens outside and cut arrangements inside). She loved life and beauty! I can only image how crushing it must have been for her to be incarcerated in those ugly camp barracks. The fact that her family was with her must have been some comfort, but now I appreciate the need for all those trips from Denver to Ft. Lupton then to Englewood.

Mom loved life and beauty, she always greeted family and friends (seemed she knew everyone!) with a smile and a laugh. I never could have guessed that anguish and despair, caused by her families incarceration, took so much of her youth. She always enjoyed church choir and Hana Matsuri all decked out in a beautiful Kimono. I guess I’ll never know the true impact on her life being incarcerated at such a young and important age, but she never let its affects show to me. For showing me the blessings of nature, music, and community I thank Mom, love always.